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The NBN4 Mildura-Wentworth Loddon Mallee committee has developed the Mildura-Wentworth Digital Community Strategy. This strategy will be used to help prepare and educate our community for the rollout of the National Broadband Network (NBN) across our area.
The strategy will also be used to lobby for the early rollout of the NBN to our region. It is crucial that all areas of the Mildura-Wentworth region can access high-speed broadband internet that meets our current and future capacity needs, is reliable and affordably priced.
High-speed, reliable broadband access will improve service delivery for businesses, health, government and education, as well as enable local government to improve the way they deliver services.

Click here to download an overview of the Mildura-Wentworth Digital Community Strategy

For more information on the NBN4 Mildura-Wentworth campaign call 03 5022 0722 or email info@milduraregion.com.au

For more information on the NBN visit www.nbn.gov.au
Local contractors for NBN
Opportunities for local contactors and suppliers may be available throughout the NBN rollout.
Click here for information from the Industry Capability Network (ICN) about potential contractors needed