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The Mildura region (also known as Sunraysia) is a flourishing and dynamic area with a rich past and a bright future. Occupation of the region by local indigenous people dates back many thousands of years, and at Mungo National Park the record of human occupation extends well beyond 40,000 thousand years. European settlers first came to the region in the 1840s establishing sheep runs. One of the first homesteads, Kow Plains, was constructed in 1859. The town of Wentworth was established in 1860 and was known as one of the busiest and largest inland ports. In 1886 George Chaffey arrived in Australia and selected the Mildura sheep run on the Murray River as the site for his first irrigation settlement. Mildura was officially established in 1887 and the first irrigation channels were constructed, making it one of the first horticulture regions in Australia. Today, the region remains a nationally significant agricultural and horticultural area, and has diversified into food and beverage processing, advanced manufacturing, transport and storage, mining and renewable energy.

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